Calligraphy Ink, Pens and Brushes

Calligraphy Ink, Pens & Brushes

For creating Calligraphy lettering's. Details on Instruments and tools to write Calligraphy which include Ink, Calligraphy paper, Pens and Brushes for East Asian Calligraphy.

Calligraphy Inks Pens and BrushesCalligraphy Ink brushes which are used in traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean calligraphy lettering's and paintings. These are combined together with an ink stone which is used to place the special Calligraphy ink and paper.

Calligraphy Brushes vary greatly in terms of size, texture, material and prices.

The sizes are usually classified as big, medium and small. Almost all common calligraphy is painted with a medium size brush.

For other writings such as  fashion designs and seals, smaller brush sizes are used.

Calligraphers usually choose the brush type at the moment as a certain size brush is more suited to certain script writing style.

Today in modern day, many Japanese companies make special Calligraphy pens and brushes which resemble those of small ink brushes as tips.

These manufactured brushes and pens work more or less identically to the smaller counterpart ink brushes, which can also be used for most of the same purposes of
Calligraphy writings.

Calligraphy Alphabet - Calligraphy Ink, Pens and Brushes

Calligraphy Pens – An Essential Tool

The most important tools in writing calligraphy are calligraphy pens. When you are still starting this kind of art, you don’t need to buy the most expensive pen.  After constant practice and you had mastered the basic pen techniques, you can go up to another level.  It’s time that you buy quality pens for your calligraphy.

There are things that you should consider when buying one like the nibs and its reservoir.

  • Fix or removable nibs?  Sometimes you get confused which one is better, a nib that is fixed or removable. Naturally, it really depends on your personal preference. There are calligraphers who prefer to pick and choose different pens depending on what nib they need to use. There are others who like the feel and familiarity with the same holder and just simply change the nibs that are suited in writing.

You should take extra care when removing nibs, when you are not used to it. This is to make sure that the nibs have been attached carefully. If the nibs are not attached carefully it can affect your work drastically.

  • Removable or Attached Reservoirs? There are advantages when using each type.  When the reservoir is attached permanently, it has more ink in it which reduces interruption when working and reduces constant ink filling. When filling the reservoir by dipping or using an eye-dropper, you can practice on controlling and putting pressure on your work. Whichever you choose, you need to get used with the strokes and pressure that you are giving on your calligraphy pens.

What’s more, you should remember when doing calligraphy it is important that you buy a nibs and reservoirs of high-quality.  You should also consider the price of course, and since there are high-quality pens that can fit your budget. 

When you have scratches on your paper, it simply means that you are not familiar with the pen that you are using or it could be the quality of the nib that you bought.  Also remember that ink quality is also important and will make a difference on how your pen moves on your paper and so you should remember this when buying and using calligraphy pens.

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