Calligraphy Paper

Choosing Calligraphy Paper

Learning calligraphy includes knowing and using the right tools and materials. When you search for calligraphy on the internet or in the dictionary, it simply means beautiful handwriting.

Producing such work of high quality artistic pieces should be accompanied with high-quality tools and materials which includes calligraphy paper.

This means that you should have the finest paper when making one. As a beginner, you might be curious why calligraphy is a bit sensitive and needs special kinds of materials.

The calligraphy pen and the ink used in calligraphy are a bit expensive.  However, the calligraphy paper is not that pricey which is great news for beginers and students on a budget. When practicing, you can use a layout paper.

For the actual work or for finished calligraphy pieces you can use any type of paper as long as it has a smooth surface. In this way, the brush or pen can easily and evenly be move around.  

There are different things to consider when choosing the calligraphy paper.

Experts recommend using smooth cartridge paper and hot-pressed watercolor paper.

In addition, there are also some artists who prefer to use rough-surfaced papers. This kind of paper adds more design and uniqueness in their work.

The weight of the paper should also be considered because it can affect the look and quality of the artwork.

Papers look the same but they actually differ in weight and it should be made from rag fibers. Why? It is to prevent the paper from turning yellow over time.

Acid-free papers are also best for works that are expected to last for some time. This type of paper prevents it from becoming brittle. 

Looking for calligraphy paper or calligraphy guide paper is easy. There are many types of papers that you can choose from in calligraphy.

If you take calligraphy seriously, then you should remember those things mentioned earlier when considering what kind of paper to use.

The paper doesn’t have to be expensive. You can research for papers used for the craft and choose the one with high-quality and can fit your budget. Never forsake quality when you intend on producing a work of art.

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