Chinese Calligraphy Symbols and Letterings

Chinese Calligraphy Symbols - The Art of Shufa

Chinese Calligraphy is an historical art which dates back towards the most earliest times of history.

Chinese Calligraphy is an art that is widely practiced all over great China right to this modern day.

Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese Calligraphy art is unique and mysterious with its beautiful symbols and and writing styles used with special brushes.
Even if you do not understand the Chinese symbols and alphabets, it is still easy to admire and appreciate the beauty of these symbols of Chinese Calligraphy due to the fact that Calligraphy is an abstract art.
Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese and East Asian Calligraphy in general are written with special brushes to create this beautiful abstract art.

A very single word can may be written in many different styles of variations.

Chinese Calligraphy which has developed over many centuries in China. Each Chinese character is made up by a series of single brush strokes which make up the symbol and form for the words.


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