English Calligraphy Lettering's and Writing Alphabets

Old English Calligraphy Alphabets

The old English Calligraphy dates back to the middle ages, a very much recognized form and art which is considered by many as beautiful writings and lettering. There are so many variations and styles of writing English Calligraphy.

In basic terms, the English calligraphy writings may be divided into 2 different forms which are called Alphabetic and Pictographic.

The Alphabetic Lettering / English Alphabet writing styles is mostly used for words, phrases and sentences.The English calligraphy lettering's derives itself from the Roman Alphabet.

English Calligraphy

Most Western and European alphabets are called Roman due to the fact that there were 23 alphabet letters sed by the great Romans in Latin lettering around 2000 years back.

Roman examples of writings is still clearly visible and common in modern day which can be found on stone monuments in many parts of what used to be known as the Roman Empire.

English Calligraphy

There are so many styles, methods and ways of writing letters of the western alphabet. Calligraphy being one of them.

The basic instruments used by Calligraphers to make Calligraphic lettering's are special pens and brushes which can be pointed or flat.

In general, calligraphic writings and lettering's associate with a style in which the width of parts of a letter varies in size.

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