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Japanese Calligraphy Symbols Art - Kanji

The unique and beautiful Japanese Calligraphy is called Shodo.

This is pronounced ( shodou ) in English. Japanese Calligraphy is very traditional and used very commonly in modern day Japan to this very day for a wide range of uses.

Japanese calligraphy history goes way back to the roots of Chinese civilization from the birth of the Chinese symbols writing system.

This would date back some 4,500 years.

Japanese Calligraphy
Calligraphy art had been created and used for a considerable amount of time before it arrived in Japan which was around the 16th century.
At this very same time, the Chinese writing system was being brought into Japan which is known as Kanji.

To this modern day, Japanese calligraphy has phenomenally expanded and grown with many calligrapher's developing styles and forms representing historical and modern day Japan in there art.

Japanese Calligraphy

There are 3 basic writing patterns for Japanese calligraphy and these are called Kaisho, Gyousho and Sousho.

For many Japanese Calligraphers, writing / painting Japanese Calligraphy art is a emotional and spiritual concept but the procedure for creating these artistic symbols paintings is pretty simple and straight forward.

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