Calligraphy Lettering - Browse Various Calligraphy Writing Styles

Calligraphy Lettering - Browse Various Calligraphy Writing Styles from regions
of the world.

Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, East Asian and Old English Calligraphy.

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Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic Calligraphy
Example of an ijazah, or diploma of competency in Arabic calligraphy. Thuluth
and nashk script. Written by 'Ali Ra'if Efendi in 1206/1791. 28 (w) x 21 (h) cm.
The top and middle panels contain a Saying (Hadith) attributed to the Prophet
Muhammad which reads: Secret charity quenches the wrath of the Lord. / The best
of you is the best for his family. / The best of the followers is Uways.

Arabic Calligraphy
A page of an Ilkhanid Koran, Il-Khanat

Arabic Calligraphy
Calligraphy of the "Basmala" phrase
Left: "Wa innahu min Sulaym?n" ("And it is from Solomon" as the Basmala first
apears in the Qur'an in a letter from Solomon).

East Asian Calligraphy

East Asian Calligraphy
Chinese calligraphy of mixed styles written by Song Dynasty (1051-1108 CE) poet
Mifu. For centuries, the Chinese literati were expected to master the art of

East Asian Calligraphy
Cry for noble Saich?, written by Emperor Saga of Japan upon the death of the
Buddhist monk Saich? in the 9th century. The influence of Chinese calligraphic
styles had weakened after the Heian period, with this text as one of the few
examples of the transformation to a native Japanese style..

East Asian Calligraphy
Buiseonrando, which was written and painted by Kim Jeonghee. This original
Korean calligraphy is called Chusache, which was named after his pen name.

Western Calligraphy

Western Calligraphy

Western Calligraphy
Calligraphy in a Latin Bible of AD 1407 on display in Malmesbury Abbey,
Wiltshire, England. The Bible was hand written in Belgium, by Gerard Brils, for
reading aloud in a monastery.

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